​The IVECO Corporate Governance system

The Company Governance is constituted on the principles, institutions and mechanisms that regulate the rights and responsibilities of individuals who compose it. IVECO S.p.A. Governance, company under Italian law, is based on the following corporate bodies:

• Shareholders’ meetings
• Board of Directors
• Statutory Auditors
• External Audit

The Company Governance has been completed by the adoption of a CNH Industrial’s Code of Conduct, and by the introduction of principles and procedures that mark all the activities of the different corporate organizational and productive units.
The principles and moral and social values followed by IVECO S.p.A. have been collected in the CNH Industrial Code of Conduct.


If you become aware of a circumstance or action that violates, or appears to violate, CNH Industrial’s Code of Conduct, company policies or applicable laws, you can seek guidance, or report a violation, by using the CNH Industrial Compliance Helpline.

The Compliance Helpline is available to all directors, officers and other employees of IVECO S.p.A. its subsidiaries as well as third parties (such as suppliers and dealers). The Compliance Helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is run by an independent, third-party provider and designed to protect your confidentiality.

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